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Assisi Retreat, 2nd - 7th October, 2018

We currently run a yearly trip  - by popular demand - to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Assisi.

Set in the beautiful Umbrian Mountains of Italy, Assisi is a fantastic place, full of rich history and spiritual energy. Rainbow House subsidise the retreat to provide an experienced guide and facilitator.

This year we have arranged to go at the time of the Feast of St Francis (October 4th) - a very special time to be there.

What's involved?

The accommodation is in a beautiful Convent overlooking the Basilica. We will attune with the life and message of St Francis of Assisi, the Patron Saint of the Environment, touring the various churches, chapels and retreats that he created, exploring his legacy of peacemaking. 

Options to begin your day with simple morning movements and end with meditations are also offered, as is time for personal reflection.

The cost of the retreat, including board, food and taxis is approx £400 / person (not including flights).

For more information, or to book on the retreat, please contact Rainbow House on: 

01324 472183 / 07519834406, or email:   

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