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Life, Dance with Me

Our development is like the tree, it blossoms and then the leaves fall and as time goes by, this too is true for each of us, we learn, we grow but when time comes we each must let go of the old and celebrate the new.

The discoveries waiting, hiding just under the fallen leaves of the past

Who? Why? What’s important? Yesterday has gone, but right now is where each of us is - the here and now.

Our life is in transit. We are on an incredible journey, not only a journey of self, but for others too.

The road may have pot-holes, immense mountains that you thought you would never get over, or it may have been the dream, but nonetheless we each are developing in our own way: the best we can.

The best we can do, the best we are at this moment, if the tree never shed its leaves, it would have no way of growing in beauty, even if the winds have damaged a few branches, when in bloom you can still see the scars, but it cannot hide its amazing beauty.

So, take a moment and ask yourself, have you discarded the old so you too, may grow.

The choice cannot be held back by scars of the past.

Only you can hold back the new growth,

Make the choice, life is in transit even as the words start to sway on the paper the moments that pass I cannot take back.

Dance with me

I am in this moment like the breath of the wind

the shards of sunlight through the trees.

Then life dance with me

The mountains climbed

The times I fell

rested on you

Then life dance with me

Like on the wings so fragile and true

I see the butterfly emerge in you

and riding on the waves of compassion

this water filling me

everything brings me to this day

I choose, life dance with me

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